Ideation & Inspiration

When I first started to think about what to do for the personal data project I was interested in using the data I had collected about how much time I spent eating during the day. I remembered a video we watched in class about how little time the US spends eating compared to other countries. I was interested in finding out how I compared to these average eating times.

Initial ideas for the project were to use real food and photograph it and then turn it into a visual that is easy to read and understand. I started by collecting images from the internet for inspiration below is the collection of images.

The first few pictures of the collection show the direction I am hoping to go in for this project. I plan on using foods that are universally known and are easily related to by a broad audience to show how little time is actually spent eating during the hours of the day that the average American and myself are awake.

Below are some of the data resources I am using:

Here are some initial sketches of what I want to do:

File_000 (1).jpeg

Here is a first attempt at doing something on the computer. The photo I am using is from the internet but I plan on using original photography for the final product.


Ideation & Inspiration

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